Antenati to begin uploading thumbnails Antenati have started the production and display of image thumbnails. The thumbnails with the Ancestors logo will gradually disappear to make way for the actual previews of the pages of all the registers that can be consulted on the Portal. Considering the amount of usable registers and images (to date: 1,599,498 registers and 118,699,061 of digital objects), the … Continue reading

Antenati: Biella, Bari, Prato and Como and Palermo additions

The Antenati site have uploaded the civil registers belonging to the State Archives of Biella and added to the State Archives of Bari the publication of 1,792 new registers (1929-1935) in the fonds “Italian Civil Status”, the State Archives of Prato with the publication of three new fonds (Municipality and Community of Prato, Napoleonic civil status, Restoration civil status) and the … Continue reading

Genealogy Records Handbook Testimonial I’ve had my “Genealogy Records Handbook” for a few weeks now and love it! I’ve been using Angel Research for 5 years and extremely happy with the information they have provided for me to grow my family tree. The information is this book is wonderful and will allow me to keep on expanding my … Continue reading

Here’s An Extremely Fascinating And Extremely Gross History Of How The Ancient Romans Went To The Bathroom

9 Types of Military Records and where to find them (excerpt courtesy of A few minutes of the webinar I did for the Italian Genealogical Group in January 2022. It was free at the time but if you missed it you can view the entire presentation by joining the group.

State Archives of Ancona uploaded to Antenati

Publication of Ancona Archives and documents We proceeded to upload the digitalization of the civil status registers belonging to the State Archives of Ancona. With this publication, an additional 10,805 records and 1,235,528 images are accessible and usable online. In the footer of the portal you can use the “Contacts” form to report any anomalies, omissions and/or misprints in the … Continue reading

New Free Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of 7 March 2022

FamilySearch added 22M more records to US City and Business Directories, England (Yorkshire) Parish Registers, Canada Ontario Tax Assessments, and collections from Brazil, Gibraltar, and around the globe. See what’s new! Source: New Free Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of 7 March 2022

Using the ANTENATI Contact form

The Contact form lists some of the most frequently asked questions and provides users with the opportunity to report anomalies, shortcomings and/or typos found in the indexing of registers, deeds, personal details and/or locations. You are asked to report misprints, omissions and critical without sending multiple notifications of the same error. Please do NOT use the form … Continue reading

Angel Research & Genealogical Services Genealogy Records Handbook: The Province of Frosinone, Italy

By Ann Tatangelo Usually printed in 3 – 5 business days Angel Research & Genealogical Services’ Genealogy Records Handbook has everything you need to know about researching in the Province of Frosinone, Italy, including the Italian Armed Forces, the State Archives, the Region of Lazio, Antenati, FamilySearch, school records and even a timeline of historical … Continue reading

24 February 2022

Third publication of new Archives and documents We proceeded to upload the digitalization of the civil status registers belonging to the State Archives of Brindisi and Frosinone. With this publication, an additional 7,587 records and 604,715 images are accessible and usable online.