Roccasecca 1851 and 1935

The cure for scabies 1847 Pontecorvo.

Gallinaro 1750 death by boce

The Welsh Connection: Italian Migration to Wales 1880s – 1950s

Gareth White is studying the migration of Italians to Wales and has asked for my help in publicizing his study to reach out the people of Italian descent asking them to share their family history. If you are willing to share your story please contact him at the email address below. For many Welsh people, … Continue reading

Italians and the Irish Potato Famine of 1847

Vicalvi and Brocco

Vicalvi – scandals, etc and the Tarantella

Deafness and other afflictions

Poverty in Sora 1855

Fugitive couples in Picinisco, San Donato and Alvito