Archivio di Stato di Napoli – Nuova banca dati: Passaporti ed Emigrazione

The State Archives of Naples makes accessible online the database “Passports and Emigration”, subseries of the Administrative Police division of the general archive of the Police Headquarters of Naples, for the years 1888-1901 allows you to navigate through 22000 files entitled to subjects who were in various ways involved in the great migratory movements of the late ‘800: passport applicants and emigrants subject to surveillance by the public security authority.

The nominative files proposed to be filed trace the contours of emigration, stable or temporary, from the city and the surroundings of Naples, mainly of professional, artisan and worker elites; at the same time, through the active surveillance exercised by the Police Headquarters of Naples and by the delegation of public security dependent on it and active in the teeming city port, they return the portrait of the exodus from the countryside of the South, which exploded at the end of the century.

The user can search among an approximately estimated number of over 30,000 names, registered by the Police Headquarters of one of the three most important port cities in Italy.

To query the database

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