Parish church-Monticelli
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    Offering genealogical research services, specializing in researching family trees, in the Region of Lazio, Italy.

    Based locally, in Sora, Frosinone, civil and parish record searches can be performed as well as finding living relatives.

    Personal, guided tours of your town of origin with translation services while meeting living relatives.

    Citizenship documents obtained from all towns in Italy

Parish church-Monticelli

Scandals and conversions

Michele Di Cocco of Fontechiari 1855 A report to the bishop in 1839. State of the Diocese Catechism and scandals in Esperia State of the churches in Castelliri and in London England Protestants in Isola del Liri 1938

Video series on Births

Legitimate Births Illegitimate Births Abandoned Babies Brefotrofi, midwives, wet nurses and adoption

Scandals in Province of Frosinone 1850’s

Scandals in Fontechiari 1822 and 1851 Scandals in Fontana Liri Scandals in Castelliri and Casalattico Scandals in Esperia Excommunicated in 1755 and a doctor in prison for transporting a weapon in 1844

Emigration to America Series

You can view the series on Facebook – Angel Research and Genealogical Services Why did they emigrate? Castle Garden and Ellis Island Mulberry Street and the Five Points The Padrone system Guest: Joe Tucciarone and his book – Swindled to America

Dioceses of Atina and Montecassino The book mentioned in the video is La popolazione del Lazio Meridionale nei secoli XVII-XVIII by Maria Crescenza Carroccia

Domenico Cervi continued. 1851

Don Antonio Macari and Don Vito Nota Don Antonio Don Vito Complaints about priests behaviour