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    Offering genealogical research services, specializing in researching family trees, in the Region of Lazio, Italy.

    Based locally, in Sora, Frosinone, civil and parish record searches can be performed as well as finding living relatives.

    Personal, guided tours of your town of origin with translation services while meeting living relatives.

    Citizenship documents obtained from all towns in Italy

Twelfth publication of new Archives and documents

With this publication consisting of a total of 8,548 new records and 740,528 new images: Antenati has uploaded digitizations of civil status records pertaining to the State Archives of Alexandria and the State Archives of Caltanissetta. a new institute, hitherto unpublished, is added: State Archives of Alexandria; is increased with 4,322 new records, the “Restoration Civil Status” Fund of … Continue reading

Eleventh publication of new Archives and documents

The Antenati site has uploaded digitizations of civil records from the Naples State Archives: 844 new records (1809 -1903) and 171,322 new images. With this publication, the 4 Funds already online now have additional years – Napoleonic Civil Status (province municipalities), Restoration Civil Status (province municipalities), Italian Civil Status (Naples districts), Restoration Civil Status (Naples … Continue reading

Handbook Revisions January 2023

P. 130        Baptisms: 1855-1879, 1896-1946                     Marriages: 1802-1959 P. 237        Town Office Charges Euro 5.16 for each document P. 278        Town Office Records Inventory                     10 Year indexes                                         Births: 1876-1885 Births, Marriages & Deaths from 1900 Births: 1866-pres Marriages: 1866-pres Deaths: 1866-pres P. 345        Cresima: 1872-1912

Rest in Peace – well for a while

French cemetery at Venafro Most of Southern Italy is very mountainous and this makes arable land very precious for growing crops and grazing animals. It leaves very little land suitable for cemeteries’ and burials. Prior to Napoleon’s conquering of Italy bodies were interred in the crypt below the church floor. There was a strict order … Continue reading

The Coalburg Italians

An interesting video created by Joe Tucciarone about the Italians who ended up in New York instead of South America and ended up in Ohio coal mines as strikebreakers.

Tenth publication of new Archives and documents

The Antenati site has uploaded digitizations of the registers of the “Italian Stato Civile ” of the Milan State Archives. With this publication, 10,294,157 images are accessible for the State Archives of Milan – an institute hitherto unpublished.


by Guest blogger: Shana Nardi I have been researching my family for years, especially trying to track down all of the siblings and ancestors of my mysterious Nardi line. For most of my life, I thought that I had no family left in Italy. After all, my great grandfather Carlo Nardi had immigrated to Connecticut … Continue reading

Accessing Italian Churches and Parish Records

by Shayna Nardi     Accessing parish records was one of the challenges and goals for my recent genealogy trip to Italy. I used Ann’s video and Trafford Cole’s Italian Genealogical Records: How to Use Italian Civil, Ecclesiastical & Other Records in Family History Research to guide me.     Even small Italian towns can have numerous churches, but … Continue reading

Funeral rites

Taking photos at funerals isn’t usually considered in good taste but here is a photos taken in the early 1900’s. Note the rough stone walls and the beautiful tapestry hung to conceal them for the formal photos. Note too the traditional caps of Ciociara worn by the older ladies. Thank you Linda for sharing this … Continue reading

Antenati News – Cremona, Cuneo and Enna now on line

Ninth Publication of New Archives and Documents We proceeded to upload the digitisation of civil status registers by augmenting the Italian Civil Status of the State Archives of Cremona. With this publication, an additional 20,135 records and 1,820,593images are accessible and usable online. We proceeded to upload the digitisation of civil status registers by increasing the State Archives of Cuneo and Enna. … Continue reading