• Angel Research

    Offering genealogical research services, specializing in researching family trees, in the Region of Lazio, Italy.

    Based locally, in Sora, Frosinone, civil and parish record searches can be performed as well as finding living relatives.

    Personal, guided tours of your town of origin with translation services while meeting living relatives.

    Citizenship documents obtained from all towns in Italy

Saving a High-Definition image from ANTENATI- UPDATE

FOR MAC USERS: Download a plug-in extension for a Json reader.  https://apps.apple.com/app/id1445328303?mt=12 Once installed it will organize the files into the form needed to follow the instructions for WINDOWS in the post DEMYSTIFYING THE ANTENATI SITE. FOR BROWSERS OTHER THAN FIREFOX (comes already installed) Download a plug-in extension for a Json reader.

Demystifying the new Antenati site

In my opinion Antenati has taken some of the best features of Family Search and incorporated them into their site making it even better in my opinion.  It will take some getting used to but I believe I can help with that. I am sure you have been playing with the site and discovered something … Continue reading

´┐╝Swindled to New York – video series by Joe Tucciarone

I presented Joe’s book on Facebook when it was first published and am thrilled to see this outstanding video series telling the story in pictures. Act I:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-yb5poy7Rc Act II:https://youtube.com/watch?v=8-5ClZTJJZ0 Act III:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rovna6Pi_jo Act IV:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VAnRDMCAis Epilogue:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EfECg-e-gc

Series on Marriage and related records

Marriage records both parish and civil https://fb.watch/8PyuSjD4jc/ Arranged marriages, marriage contracts and dowries https://fb.watch/8PyreS_MIb/ Wedding traditions https://fb.watch/8PypB9A5vl/ Bigamy divorce and annulment of a marriage https://fb.watch/8Pyop0VhMI/ Widows and convents https://fb.watch/8PylqAL5Sy/

Parish church-Monticelli

Scandals and conversions

Michele Di Cocco of Fontechiari 1855 https://fb.watch/8GABpHlt5z/ A report to the bishop in 1839. State of the Diocese https://fb.watch/8GAzsXpDSQ/ Catechism and scandals in Esperia https://fb.watch/8GAxF40ki9/ State of the churches in Castelliri and in London England https://fb.watch/8GAvHc3yD5/ Protestants in Isola del Liri 1938 https://fb.watch/8GArPFazvH/

Video series on Births

Legitimate Births https://fb.watch/8xe-nI03Wo/ Illegitimate Births https://fb.watch/8xeXa9m0U2/ Abandoned Babies https://fb.watch/8xeRr5e6lS/ Brefotrofi, midwives, wet nurses and adoption https://fb.watch/8xeTvvy4_J/

Scandals in Province of Frosinone 1850’s

Scandals in Fontechiari 1822 and 1851 https://fb.watch/8mJg63J3y5/ Scandals in Fontana Liri https://fb.watch/8mJmvpW3dl/ Scandals in Castelliri and Casalattico https://fb.watch/8mJqnmha6C/ Scandals in Esperia https://fb.watch/8mJsA5M41H/ Excommunicated in 1755 and a doctor in prison for transporting a weapon in 1844 https://fb.watch/8n2Ci9PgaR/

Emigration to America Series

You can view the series on Facebook – Angel Research and Genealogical Services Why did they emigrate? Castle Garden and Ellis Island Mulberry Street and the Five Points The Padrone system Guest: Joe Tucciarone and his book – Swindled to America