I have been asked many times if there is a place to leave a testimonial about the services I provide.  Feel free to leave a comment here.


15 Responses to “Testimonials”
  1. Susan Howard says:

    I can highly recommend hiring Ann Tatangelo to undertake a search for your ancestors’ records in Central and Southern Italy.

    I starting searching for my Grandfather Francesco Minchella’s place of birth over 10 years ago. I knew he had emigrated to the UK from a southern Italian town but where? None of his records showed his actual place of birth. I searched endlessly over many years without success. I finally posted a message on Italiangenealogy.com with the family’s details and Ann replied saying she had a Minchella family census from Villa Latina which looked to be my family. It was my family! If Ann hadn’t sent me this document no doubt I would still be searching now. She supplies a translation of the documents as well.

    Ann’s extensive knowledge of genealogical matters means that you can ask her questions about any aspect of your family tree research and she can point you in the right direction. She will advise you of any online records that you can download directly yourself or find at the Latter Day Saints family history centres.

    With Ann’s help my family tree has grown enormously!



    • Susan Howard says:

      I would add that my most recent search was for a member of the family tree who was a foundling. These birth records are usually very hard to find but Ann sent me copies of census documents for the family and from these I was able to find his date of birth and town of origin. She told me his birth record would be available online and two days later I had found and downloaded it for my tree. From my initial enquiry about his birth to having his birth record in my possession in less than a week – impressive!



  2. Mike Aversa says:

    Ann I love your emails. I think because it is like running into an old friend who knew your ancestors and can tell you stories about them in a way that reads somewhat like a mystery book. You can see glimpses of the everyday lives of these relatives for which I would have otherwise have no other hope in learning about. I would love to have the gift you have which allows you to help folks piece together their history…. Awesome.


  3. Kathy Godlewski says:

    Ann has been researching my family history and has thusfar provided me with information going back 5 generations. At the same time, she helped me obtain documents from the Comune di Sora that I desperately needed for another project but had been unable to obtain on my own. I very highly recommend her services. I wasn’t able to provide her with very much information about my family to start with, yet she was able to provide me with a wealth of information that nobody in my American family was aware of. My quest is to find relatives on my grandfather’s side that may still be remaining in Sora. Even though many of the branches of our family tree did not bear fruit, Ann persists and searches for another limb!

    Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions. In the meantime, I wish you much luck with your search!


  4. Mike Polsinelli says:

    I can give a very positive reference pertaining to Ann Tatangelo. I engaged her services to do research for me, as she lives near where my ancestors came from and I live in America. I was so pleased that Ann was able to go back many generations on ALL of my family lines (sometimes as far back as 9 generations!). She compiled a very professional report for me and also provided me with copies of some historical documents (i.e. birth, marriage and death records). I highly recommend her services, as she is very trustworthy (i.e. no danger of paying her and then getting nothing in return). I was able to pick my family history up in person when I visited Sora this past September and I must say on top of the fine work she performed, her and her husband were a pleasure to meet.


  5. Graham Mezzone says:

    From: “Graham Mezzone” <
    Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 19:02:37 -0000
    To give a reference for Ann is the easiest job I have had to do today and as an employer of a large number of staff I do this all the time.I contacted Ann from the Web about 12 months ago and gave her a brief of what I wanted i.e. some background on my family that came from Sora.I have got from Ann more that I ever expected, back about 8 or 9 generations with full history plus a history of Sora which she just gave me without request. She and Enzo have driven to villages close by to follow up close family leads and met some distant relatives we still have in Sora.I hope, in fact will, meet Ann and her family when we visit Sora soon and she has agreed to show us round and act as guide. One thing I have deduced is that she likes her work, helping people, and her commitment is total. What is for sure is that she is very good at it and in my personal view, as an English speaking resident in Sora she works far to cheaply for the results she achieves.Good luck in your searching


  6. Shayna Muckerheide says:

    Ann is the BEST Italian genealogist/researcher for English speakers. Her familiarity with Italian culture, history, and language and her ability to translate into English are invaluable. Her interpretations add important context and details to historic documents, and her fee structure and location are flexible and convenient for genealogists and non-researchers alike. Ann’s expertise about Italian foundlings and her investigative abilities led her to solve our nearly 175-year-old family mystery that I had been unable to deduce after 15 years of my own research. I don’t know how to thank her enough for all of this!


  7. Tom Reynolds says:

    If your planning to research your Italian family tree then look no further. Ann’s work is of the highest quality and I highly recommend her. I only wish I had been recommended to her earlier and it would have saved me ‘blundering’ around Arpino and Sora on two separate occasions, very enjoyable trips but fruitless in my attempts to find my Italian relatives and my mothers birthplace, which Ann has completed for me.
    I am very happy with stage one of Ann’s work for me and I am intending to use her extensive knowledge and resources again for future stages.


  8. Holly Magnani says:

    I found Ann’s name and services on an Italian Citizenship forum and contacted her right away when I realized that she was in Italy and spoke Italian. I had been looking for my maternal grandfather’s birth certificate for close to 8 years. Because of Ann’s superior knowledge of the culture and the way things work in Italy, she was able to educate me on how I was searching for the wrong name. Through her patient explanation, I realized that the name we knew my grandfather by was just a nickname that he accepted as his actual name as a way to distance himself from him home. My mother said that she remembers him saying, “We’re in America, we speak English” and as such, he never taught her Italian or what his actual name was.

    Since Ann was able to decipher this, she found his birth certificate pretty quickly! I was then able to write the commune and get the document easily. Ann and her staff have been instrumental in helping me toward my quest for dual citizenship with Italy. I highly recommend her services.


  9. Diego S says:

    My mother’s parents died before I was born, and living in a country far away from Italy I always wanted to know more about that part of my heritage but didn’t have the opportunity, when I heard about Angel Research I decided to give it a try and so, I asked Ann for two things:
    1. I was hoping to know my great-great-grandmother’s last name, because even if my mother got to know her, they only referred to her with her husband’s last name and nobody ever thought about that.
    2. I wanted to know more about my great-grandfather, I didn’t know where exactly he was from, only had some approximated dates and he wasn’t that close to my mother when he lived so it was impossible for me to find anything else.

    With only 4 hours of investigation, not only Ann and her team were able to answer both of my questions, they also found out my great-grandmother had a sister, and my great-great-grandmother had three! It was simply incredible, but what was even better was that they even explained to me where I could continue my research and what to look for… and now, some months after that, I have a tree with a lot of past relatives of the Frosinone region until the early 1800s.

    My mother and I will always thank Angel Research for the work they have done and how much it meant for us.
    If this situation sounds like yours, please consider to contact Ann, you will not regret it at all


    • Ann says:

      Thanks for sharing that Diego. It’s nice to know we made a difference. Rita was especially pleased with all the information she found for your family.


  10. Eric Padula says:

    I am not usually one to leave reviews for the products or services that I use, however, I can’t thank and recommend Ann and her team enough. I am in the process of applying for dual citizenship and needed help to obtain documents from Italy relating to my grandparents birth and marriage. I had heard horror stories from others about blindly requesting these types of documents and just hoping and praying that maybe they would be provided and maybe it would be done in under a year. From the first time I contacted Ann and asked her to help to the time I am writing this 6 weeks have passed and I have had all the documents I requested for over a week! Including mailing time to the USA. In terms of service,
    Ann and Rita were always very responsive to any inquiry, set very reasonable expectations (especially given the pandemic) and I cannot thank them enough. I would not hesitate for one second to use this service in the future and I would highly recommend to anyone.



  11. Marcus Flansburg says:

    Thank you for your help with my genealogy research. After looking over my information, you realized that there was someone else better suited to help me. Instead of trying to make money off of me, you gave me the information for this other person who has more experience in my region of interest. I commend you for your character. Thank you!
    Marcus Flansburg
    Smithfield, Utah


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