Recovered Documents for Cassino

Documents recovered for persons in the Comune of Cassino consist of a list of those born in 1868 who did not present for military service, Marriage certificates for the parents and State of the family certificates.  Lista di Leva documents, applications for passports, penal certificates, gun permits, and expropriations. Where known I have indicated the … Continue reading

Pietrafitta, Settefrati

Parish of Pietrafitta Pietrafitta is a ‘frazione’ of Settefrati and in 1844 the priest there created a ‘State of the parish’ to support his case for transferring the areas of ‘Lota’ and ‘Vallepecorina’ from the Parish of Picinisco to that of Settefrati in order for the parishioners to receive spiritual guidance more easily.  He has … Continue reading

Charcoal burners of Alatri and the Valle della Femmina Morta

A ‘carbonaro’ is someone who makes his living making charcoal from carbonizing wood. The finished product was used for iron smelting (making pots and church bells), glassmaking and working precious metals (gold and silver jewellery). The men led a lonely life since they must stay near to the kiln to control the ‘burn’ although those … Continue reading

The Pacitti family of Picinisco

Monovisions B&W Photo Magazine

Family stories are an important part of genealogy.  They come directly from the source, usually from one of the participants.  As in most cases though, memory can be flawed or the details embellished by the constant re-telling of the story. The Pacitti family of Glasgow, Scotland has such a story.  One of fortitude, suffering and … Continue reading

Dual Citizenship woes

An Instagram discussion is planned with a representative of our law associate who will answer your questions. Norma Cecconi does not assist with citizenship unless you need a document reconstructing or your application has been denied by the Consulate. Please ask you questions in the comments below and we will attempt to answer them in … Continue reading

Oldest business in the world-Agnone

The Marinelli Pontifical Bell Foundry in Agnone, near Isernia, in the Province of Molise is the oldest bell foundry in the world and the second oldest family business in the world, and is still run by descendants of the original Marinelli Family. In Agnone the tradition of smelting and moulding metals is 2,500 years old, … Continue reading


Reacquisition of Italian citizenship for those individuals who were born in Italy (or in a foreign country but were de facto Italian citizens) and who naturalized in a foreign country before August 16th 1992. If you fall in this category you can indeed reacquire Italian citizenship. The reacquisition of Italian citizenship is, in essence, the … Continue reading

Surnames of Italy

Italians are finally catching up with the rest of the world in the realm of surnames.  350,000 surnames can be found in Italy, the highest number of different surnames in one country in the world.  In Italy up to 2016 it was not legally possible to have more than one surname. I can hear the … Continue reading

Un-indexed Historical Images at Family Search

Due to contractual obligations, Family Search cannot offer expanded access to historical records that are restricted to family history centres and affiliate libraries, despite the temporary closure of these facilities. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by COVID-19 precautionary measures. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore the vast record collections that are available … Continue reading

Alvito (Recovered documents)

This week Angel Research is publishing a list of names for which there are salvaged documents from the Prefettura di Frosinone.  These may include, Lista di Leva, State of the family, marriage records of the parents. Please email us if you are interested in copies of these records. Novelli Angelomaria di Michelangelo Novelli Nicola di … Continue reading