Thirteenth publication of new documents and images

Florence State Archives

As communicated through News and notice on the Portal, it was necessary – in recent days – to delete the records and images of the Florence State Archives in order to proceed with their replacement with revised and integrated digital objects and content.

For Florence, 53,930 records and 2,830,066 images were usable: that information is published again-today-with revised and/or corrected data where necessary. Most importantly, they are supplemented with the addition of the Decennial and General Repertoires and 1,739 new records and 188,669 new images.

By accessing theInstitute page, it will be possible to view 55,669 records (1804-1874) and 3,018,735 images.

Broken down into 5 Funds:

  • Census (1841)
  • Napoleonic civil status (1808-1814)
  • Pre-Unification Civil Status (1815-1865)
  • Alphabetical decennial directories (1808-1837)
  • General alphabetical directories (1838-1865)

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