Antenati to begin uploading thumbnails

Antenati have started the production and display of image thumbnails.

The thumbnails with the Ancestors logo will gradually disappear to make way for the actual previews of the pages of all the registers that can be consulted on the Portal.

Considering the amount of usable registers and images (to date: 1,599,498 registers and 118,699,061 of digital objects), the generation will take place incrementally and constantly, continuing over the next few months.

  • You can read the article complete with images at the link above.

One comment

  1. Hello Ann! Just browsed in the Antenati site and yeah Amaseno is finally live! Woo hoo! Now I can browse and may just have to tackle all those Panici and Tiberi connections. Though many of the birth records have a Parente Naturale so not to names listed and many of the death records state Celibe. Sigh. Hope all is well with you and yours. Got my guide to records book. Nicely done! Liz Shrode Collins


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