High Definition Images

The antenati site has responded to your request for thumbnails but it would seem that the ability to save high definition images using the instructions I posted in an earlier post has been disabled.

I don’t know if this was a consequence of their actions or a deliberate action to prevent the downloading of the high-definition images. Either way you will now need to record the information directly from the site including the image number (rather than the URL).

2 Responses to “High Definition Images”
  1. I have found out our ancestors in England the most important. Curiously there seems to be Italians among the Shetlanders , I think it was. Probably from World War I they built the Italian imprinted Churches in Scotland and their Islands are close north of Scotland . The Italians were possibly from Italy´s Alps or Monaco. Names as Peter Peters De La Pierre born 1656- 1697 , ends with Richard Gibbon and Anne Tufton – copy from 1647 one of their ancestors . etc.


  2. Kathleen Lo Pinto Vignolini says:

    Or, as most computers have one, you can take a screen shot? I’ve done that several times. I’ve also copied & pasted some “finds” including their image number to click on when I want to look at it again.


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