High Definition Images

The antenati site has responded to your request for thumbnails but it would seem that the ability to save high definition images using the instructions I posted in an earlier post has been disabled.

I don’t know if this was a consequence of their actions or a deliberate action to prevent the downloading of the high-definition images. Either way you will now need to record the information directly from the site including the image number (rather than the URL).


  1. I have found out our ancestors in England the most important. Curiously there seems to be Italians among the Shetlanders , I think it was. Probably from World War I they built the Italian imprinted Churches in Scotland and their Islands are close north of Scotland . The Italians were possibly from Italy´s Alps or Monaco. Names as Peter Peters De La Pierre born 1656- 1697 , ends with Richard Gibbon and Anne Tufton – copy from 1647 one of their ancestors . etc.


  2. Or, as most computers have one, you can take a screen shot? I’ve done that several times. I’ve also copied & pasted some “finds” including their image number to click on when I want to look at it again.


    • True. But the problem is that, to attain a legible resolution, you have to zoom in until you are viewing only part of the image in the little window which the UI gives you, and then take a screenshot. To create a full-page and legible image, you need to do this 2 to 4 times, pasting each partial page into a graphics editor and then assembling and cropping them into a composite whole, all while not changing the zoom factor or shifting the viewport sideways too much. I’ve already done it way too many times for crucial images, but it’s extremely tedious.

      Not that the URL is useless; it points you to the first page of the register. But then you need to navigate to the desired page, which is a lot easier if you record the page number in any source citation (which I do). I suspect this change was to support some form of monetization, whether via licensing deals or by selling hi-res images outright to users. Sad!


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