Antenati: Biella, Bari, Prato and Como and Palermo additions

The Antenati site have uploaded the civil registers belonging to the State Archives of Biella and added to the State Archives of Bari the publication of 1,792 new registers (1929-1935) in the fonds “Italian Civil Status”, the State Archives of Prato with the publication of three new fonds (Municipality and Community of Prato, Napoleonic civil status, Restoration civil status) and the State Archives of Como with the publication of the registers of the “Italian Civil Status (Municipalities of the province of Lecco)”, 1866-1950.

Also uploaded are the civil status registers kept in the historical archives of the municipalities of the province of Palermo, which can be consulted under the headings Restoration civil status (registers of municipalities) and Italian civil status (registers of municipalities).

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  1. Ann, From what research I’ve done on Antenati & elsewhere, to get an actual document of my husband’s Prato connection shows you have to write to Florenze for one. But I can’t find an address of that archive to do so.
    I’m looking for his Grandfather’s Birth Certificate for Citizenship. Then there’s the other problem to deal with, he’s listed here as Alberto, but the Antenati record shows him as Amberto . . . and his parents names are on his US Marriage record, but not on his US “Alien record” – only his brother’s name, which I can’t find anywhere.


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