Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings for 2020

Thanks to you we have had our best year ever with 124 projects conducted in 64 different towns. We have seen increases in the Province of Latina and Campania and Isernia but the bulk of requests are still in the Province of Frosinone.

This year I would like to introduce Serena who joined us in April and is currently developing her research skills under my direction.  Due to some health issues I have had to take a step back with on-site research but continue to guide our research team from my home.  I think you will agree they are doing a great job!

As promised I blogged about the Italian Government site and how to determine which records will be uploaded and which you will have to locate using Family Search. Here is the link to the article.

If you become a ‘follower’ of my blog you will be notified each time a new article is published.  Note the search box in the upper right corner if you need to find a particular subject..

This years ‘restoration and digitization’ project covered the digitization of the parish records of the Cattedrale of Sora, a huge project that is being performed by Rita in her ‘spare’ time.  Another project for the Diocese is to make an inventory of their archives while we are there searching for you.  This helps both of us, but don’t worry, you are not paying for this activity as part of your search fee.

Requests for citizenship documents are on the increase and we are happy to help you obtain the documents you need however we must repeat that we are NOT experts in eligibility for Italian dual citizenship.  This you must find out for yourself.  In areas where documents were destroyed (by fire, earthquake or war) it is possible to obtain a letter from the town stating this that might assist your application. If the Tribunal (or on-line) copy of your document exists it is not sufficient for your application unless it is certified and contains a ‘marca da bollo’ (legal stamp) only obtainable from the local tobacconist shop!  It is also possible to obtain a letter stating that variations of name/surname are one and the same person.  This letter may avoid your having to change official documents in other countries.

While towns in North Italy are quick to respond to document requests we continue to have problems in the South.  This year we saw some drastic measures taken in order to force towns to provide these documents which you have a legal right to.  In one town, after one year of repeated requests, visits and follow ups and with the client present, the local Carabinieri were asked to intervene.  They did!  Within one week the documents were in our possession.

This year will see us working with a lawyer to try to speed up the responses.

We wish you every success with expanding your family tree in 2020.



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