Military Uniforms and History

Today I would like to direct you to a terrific website which is in English, and tells the story of the Italian military from 1861 when the Italian army was first formed to today.

It has stories and photos of the birth of the Italian Army and of major battles fought in Africa, Italy and other parts of the world such as El Alemain and Monte Lungo.  It is an amazing source of information about a war seen from a different perspective than we usually see.

It shows uniforms, helmets, insignia, and patches that are no longer in use.

I have also received many requests recently for copies of ‘foglio matricolare’ (military record sheets) for your Italian ancestors.  For ancestors born after 1877 in the Province of Frosinone they are usually available.  Other archives may have different ‘start’ dates.  Here is the link to the on line list of ‘foglio matricolare’ available in Frosinone. 


I have also seen many message board postings from persons trying to identify military uniforms from old family photos. The adjacent photos are of WW1 uniforms.

I hope you will be able to add content and depth to your family tree using this resource.



  1. Fantastic post – thank you!!
    Still going to get round to messaging you for genealogy
    Very best wishes

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thanks Ann. I’ll check these sites out. I looked for the uniform of my bisnonno’s Bersaglieri, & wrote the, to find his name, but it isn’t on their list of those fighting for Independence, & no one responded. I have & sent Photos & a1870 document, “Medaglia Commemorativa” that shows he was fought for Independence, with the Bersaglieri from at least1868 – 1870, & our family thought he was in the Bersaglieri until 1899. Looking forward to your next notice.


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