Repeat customers

Having a former client return for additional research gives me a great satisfaction.  My ability to ‘stage’ your research to accommodate your budget, your own need to do the research yourself (in the microfilms or on-line) or to take a break due to family committments, can make family history research a pleasure and not just an expense.  It also prolongs the search.  After all, how will we fill our time when it’s finished?  Or maybe it never really finishes?

I just want to take the time to thank the following current clients for their confidence in my service and their need to keep on finding out more.

Roma in Australia since 2010

Leigh Ann in Texas since 2008

Brian in England since 2007

Rose in New York since 2010

Alice in New York since 2009

Carol in Ohio since 2006

Robert in Pittsburgh since 2015

Carlo in Bournemoth since 2011

Carmen in Kingston since 2014

Angela in Leeds since 2014

Joann in America since 2010

Carleen in Boston since 2006

I shouldn’t forget to thank Graham in Kidderminster who was first my first client, who started the ball rolling and who is still a good friend.

There are lots of others who have kept coming back since I began this service in 2002 and every time I see an email from an ‘old’ friend it makes me glad to know they were satisfied with my work and are coming back for even more.




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