My New Assistant!

I’d like to introduce my new assistant.  Irene Palombo.

Irene has a Master’s degree in history and has collaborated on several historical books.  She works part-time in the Diocese offices and has now started working in genealogy research.  She is prepared to travel which means we can now accept assignments from other areas outside of Frosinone.

She has an excellent command of both written and spoken English making her perfect for translations and for accompanying you on your historical tour of your ancestral village.

To get her started we would like to offer a special for research in Vicalvi, Alvito, Casalvieri, Colle San Magno, San Donato Val di Comino and Posta Fibreno during April, May and June 2017.

No mileage charge, and a 20% discount on the hourly rate for research.  Contact us now at and quote ‘Irene’s special rate.’

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