Frosinone Parish Records

Parish records for the three oldest parishes in the centre of Frosinone have been transferred to the Diocese in Ferentino where they can be consulted on Wednesdays only.

Whenever there is more than one parish in a town a researcher must be prepared to move from one to the other as necessary to follow the family line accurately.  This can be very time consuming and costly for the client.  With all the records in one place  costs are reduced and the search can be conducted in less time.


    • I am afraid not. It is just the parishes of the city of Frosinone. If you need Villa Latina you will have to go personally to the church and ask the priest if you can search the records. The old priest who was very accomodating has moved to Gallinaro. I haven’t met the new priest is the same one as Picinisco who has always allowed me to search the records. You need to know Latin!


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