Teramo, Pistoia, Siracusa and Cosenza added to the Antenati site.

17 February 2022

We have uploaded the digitalisation of the civil status registers of the State Archives of TeramoPistoiaSiracusa and Cosenza.

With this publication, a further 113,274 records and 6,718,086 images are accessible and usable online.


  1. I just tried these Archival books on Antenati yesterday. AMAZING – nothing found, but it sure was fascinating to see these records. I was so grateful that i could look at Otranto, Lecce, where my famiglia came from for the early 1800s. I’ll keep looking at other places, Napoli, Palermo, & my husband’s family in Prato, Pesaro, & someday, Nara – Canicatti, Girganti Sicily. Lots of Info, the tough part is finding & reading the given & surname of the person on documents.
    I am So glad you sent these out Ann, because I’m stuck at the 1810s in finding mia famiglia. This is super, and i had no idea they’ve done this since 2012 and for so many of the smaller communes too! Mille grazie Ann.


    • PS – i haven’t been getting any of your weekly reports for a while. Though I did get a new computer [AGUH] & OS, that’s messing up all sorts of things, esp. our E-mail.


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