Poverty in Sora 1855


5 Responses to “Poverty in Sora 1855”
  1. kevinrecchia says:

    My great grandparents moved to Birmingham, U.K. in the late 19th century. They came from Sora, the family name is Recchia. My grandfather – Fernando Recchia, married Amelia Marcantonio, whose family had also moved from Sora ( or that region), Her mother’s name was Restituta Baldaserra. I had always been told that they moved because of the poor living conditions and lack of work. Your article and research highlights just how bad it was.
    Thank you so much for this.


    • Ann says:

      Did you know that Sora has a Register of the Population created around 1861. A page for each family that was updated until 1905 with births, marriages and deaths


      • kevinrecchia says:

        Thank you, I was not aware of this. Hopefully, next year, we may be moving to Italy – probably Abruzzo. We certainly plan to do our research when this happens. Really enjoy your regular bulletins, and using Angelresearch, would be a great help.


  2. Heather Doelle says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful research work in Italy. Enjoying your podcasts especially the “Poverty in Sora” — a more personal view of the times.. Would like to hear some interesting facts about Pico Frosinone if you have time. Looking forward to your next podcast.


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