Dual Citizenship woes

An Instagram discussion is planned with a representative of our law associate who will answer your questions. Norma Cecconi does not assist with citizenship unless you need a document reconstructing or your application has been denied by the Consulate.

Please ask you questions in the comments below and we will attempt to answer them in the LIVE instagram video early next month.


  1. My Nonno was born in Isola del Liri in May 1899. He married my Nonna who was born in Edinburgh the daughter of 2 people who were born in Cassino, married there, died in Scotland, but, never applied for UK citizenship. They had moved with their families to Scotland in the 1870’s and 1880’s – both of their parents returning to Cassino area and dying there. My Nonno’s family came to Scotland in about 1908. His parents returned to Italy in about 1937, they died in the 1940’s in Isola del Liri and the house they owned there.

    From 28 August 1918 to 4th August 1920 he was a private in the 57th Regiment, 2nd Division, 4th Armada of the Italian infantry.

    My Father was born in Scotland in December 1924.

    In 1928 my Nonno applied for UK citizenship, this was granted in approximately 1931.

    During WW2 he was interred by the British Government as an “Alien- Hostile”, through his internment he contracted chronic bronchitis from which he died shortly after being released in 1942 to a nursing home, where he died on the 8th of January 1943.

    Given that the birth records of my Nonna’s parents were destroyed in Cassino during WW2.

    My Nonno’s birth is registered in the church registers of San Lorenzo, his parents documents are held by the commune of Isola del Liri.

    Given that I was born in Scotland, have lived in the UK, my mother was from Scottish lineage, what are my prospects of getting dual citizenship?


  2. I was unable to find my paternal Grandfather’s Italian birth certificate under his US name, George C. Roma. After a search on the date and town and his Mother’s first name (all I had), I found what I think is his birth record under a different name, Carmine Fornataro. The mother listed, Rosaria, was unwed and from her death record, 1889, died unwed when he was 5 yo. All his US records list his father as Angelo Roma. I could not find anything in Italy linking him to Angelo. In America, Angelo’s sons owned many barber shops where I know my Grandfather worked. I believe they were his half brothers if indeed Angelo is his biological father. Do you know how I would proceed with my search to link George C. Roma to Carmine Fornataro? Were there census records in Italy in the 1800’s or adoption records? Thank You!


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