Villa Santa Lucia (Frosinone)

Angel Research completed a search of the salvaged documents from the Prefettura di Frosinone.  We were looking for any document with a name that might help our clients identify an ancestor whose civil documents were destroyed.

Villa Santa Lucia was the only town in the immediate area of Cassino for which we found records. Following is a list of the names for which we have documents.

  • Serra, Luigi,
  • Serra Rocco
  • Serra Antonio
  • Iannarelli, Michelangelo
  • Maiorca, Antonio
  • Maiorca Rocco
  • De Felice, Orazio Antonio
  • Fiore, Innocenzo
  • Fiore Rocco
  • Cavalieri, Costanzo
  • Cavalieri Rocco
  • Iannacone, Gaetano

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