Citizenship applications – wait times for documents.

The high numbers of emigrants from the Province of Frosinone during the 1900’s is resulting in large numbers of applications for Italian citizenship by Jure Sanguis. 

The town of Cassino in particular has been inundated with requests for both documents and letters of “no records due to war”.  You can expect to wait at least 6 months for a reply.  You are asked NOT to write again until 9 months has passed unless you have an appointment with the Consulate.  In this case attach the appointment info from the Consulate.

The total destruction of both civil and parish records in Cassino and surrounding area has created difficult situations for descendants of Italians who now want to gain Italian Citizenship. 

Family Search has digitized all civil records in the town offices in Cassino.  These can be viewed on line via their website. They are the records that were reconstructed after WW2. 

There are no others!  Not even in the parishes.

Your first step should be to search these records for evidence of your ancestors.

If you do not find them, the record of their birth/marriage/death does not exist

If you did not find a civil record and are searching for a male ancestor your next step should be to search for his “Foglio Matricolare” (military record).  The index is on line at the Archivio di Stato di Frosinone.  If you find a record for your ancestor then you should obtain a copy. This will prove that your ancestor was born in Italy and provide his parents’ names.

If you find evidence of your ancestor’s existence:

Write to the Comune requesting only what they are able to provide,  

a letter of no records OR an EXTRACT of birth. 

Be sure to attach a copy of the record you found on line.

If you did not find any record

 Write to the Comune requesting a letter of “no record” and indicate that you did not find any record on line.

It may be necessary, in these circumstances to reconstruct your ancestors civil birth record with the help of a lawyer here in Italy.  You will need records from your own country showing that he/she was born in Italy and in which town.

The town of Picinisco is also experiencing a high volume of requests for citizenship purposes. They do have all their civil records BUT they also have a staffing shortage and unfortunately your requests are at the bottom of the pile.  Your patience is requested.

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  1. Hi Anne
    I have just had a researcher trace my husband’s family back to his Italian roots. We need to obtain a birth and a marriage certificate.
    Would you be able to assist with this?


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