Was your ancestor a hunted man?


One of the reasons your ancestor may have left Italy in a hurry is that he was an Anarchist or a socialist, or at least suspected to be one.

On June 15th 1904 the Sotto-Prefetto of Sora sent a list of suspected anarchists and others suspected of belonging to subversive parties, to all the police divisions under his control.

Anarchism is a political belief that society should have no government, laws or police controlling their activities.

In Italy the anarchists and socialists were hunted down in the early 1900’s but the organization survived even Italian fascism.

If any of the people on this list emigrated around the time this was published you can be sure that they were fleeing justice!

Note:  This list is just another example of the interesting items to be found in the Archivio di Stato of Frosinone.


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