Italian/Albanian ancestry? We can help!

Please welcome Giuseppe Baffa to our team.
Giuseppe has a degree in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. He has published many papers and books on various issues related to Arbëresh culture and tradition, which he knows very well.  In addition to being interested in Albanian culture, he is an arbëresh living in Santa Sofia d’Epiro, an Italian-Albanian community where they practice the Greek rite in religious functions, and still speak (after more than 600 years!) the Albanian language.
For many years he did research in the Province of Cosenza (Calabria) where he has worked as an archivist. Moreover he is a member of the Deputazione di storia patria per la Calabria, which is an association that promotes historical studies. His research interests are especially focused on genealogy, cultural anthropology, family history search and historical auxiliary sciences.
If you have Italian/Albanian heritage Giuseppe is the man to help you with your family history.  He is also available to work on genealogy projects and dual citizenship searches in Calabria.
2 Responses to “Italian/Albanian ancestry? We can help!”
  1. Joseph Musisca says:

    Giuseppe Baffa, my family’s surnames are Misischia and Moauro. Can you tell me if either could be Albanian origin?


    • Ann says:

      To be sure of the origin of a surname we should first study the evolution of that surname. Especially for the USA we know that surnames were often transformed when immigrants arrived.
      “Mauro” is certainly an Italian surname. “Misischia” is present in central Italy. It could also be a transformation of the Albanian surname “Musacchia” or “Musacchio”, but to establish it we should first make a more accurate investigation.


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