Black Friday in LAZIO!

Everybody is getting in on this Black Friday theme so I thought it might be a good time to offer some special help to those researchers who prefer to do their own research but are lacking a couple of records to get them back to the LDS records that are on film or want to taste the parish records before committing to a full search.

Our normal research ‘stage’ covers 6-8 hours of research and mileage and costs around Euro 250 (depends on the mileage)

Let’s make an offer of 3-4 hours of civil record research and mileage for

Euro 125 in any town in the Province of Frosinone. 

This should get you back to the LDS microfilms or on-line records.  We don’t want to spoil your fun (we have too much fun ourselves). Of course you may be able to accomplish the same thing by taking advantage of one of the offers below.

Let’s get specific!

These next items are not usually provided outside a full search so this is a special rate for BLACK FRIDAY.

To search for one name (in indexes or registers) OR family (in Population registers, census or Stato d’anime)

30 Euro (5 Euro to our fund) for one name or 60 Euro (50 +10 Euro to our restoration fund) for a family

Alvito: copy of Register of Population page (1865-1905) 

Arpino: civil index search for full dates with names of parents

Arpino: 1814 civil census

Arnara:  Baptisms 1850-1870, marriages 1843-1870

Belmonte Castello: Baptisms 1866-1904

Broccostella:  Stato d’anime 1859 & 1895

Casalvieri:  Baptisms 1839-1877 & 1906-1910

Castro dei Volsci:  Stato d’anime San Nicola 1810. & S. Oliva 1870

Colle San Magno: Baptisms 1837-1915

Fontana Liri: Stato d’Anime 1844-1872

Fontechiari:  Census of 1855

Fontechiari:  Baptisms 1761-1810  Marriages 1761-1801, Deaths 1764-1809

Gallinaro:  Stato d’anime   San Nicola 1809   San Leonardo 1806

Guarcino:  Stato d’anime S. Nicola 1813   S. Michele 1846

Itri:  Catasto 1754

Picinisco:  Stato d’anime 1825 & 1837 & 1853 (updated to 1899)

Pontecorvo:  Marriage index 1861-1865

Posta Fibreno:  Stato d’anime 1828 & 1846  (updated to 1852)

Rionero Sannitico: SdA 1848  No birth dates or ages, just names and relationship to Head of Household

San Donato:  Stato d’anime 1853, 1824, 1810, 1775


Sant’Elia Fiumerapido:  Baptism index only 1870-1905

Santopadre: Marriage index 1698-1801    Stato d’anime 1795

Sora:  copy of Register of Population page (1865-1905)

Sora:  San Silvestro Stato d’anime 1795   Santa Restituta Stato d’anime 1788

Sora:  Lista di Leva 1819 (Males born in 1794)

Terelle   Stato d’anime 1851-1865  & 1882-1890

Villa Latina:  Stato d’anime 1832 (updated to 1899)

Act now, these offers are good only to November 26th 2018.







  1. Hi. I am interested in this, although I am not quite sure I understand how it works. There are a few places where I would like a copy of the records. For example:the Sora copy of the Register of Population page ( 1865-1905). Does this mean I get the pages for all those years? What do the pages include? And is the cost 30 or 60 Euros? Not sure if I am reading this right. There are several of these items I am interested in, so please let me know. thanks


    • Hi Wendy,
      The Register of the Population is the one of which there is an image in the post. It is one (actually a 2 since I only posted half the image) that covers a family during the time period 1865-1905. SO all those who were alive in 1865 and any births, some deaths, and marriages up to 1905. The cost is 60 Euros since it is a family and not just one person we are looking for.
      Thanks for asking!


  2. Hi again. Okay. The Fontechiari census of 1855. Does this list everyone in town for that year? What info specifically would be in it, and is the 60 Euro also? thanks


    • It’s just like the Register of the Population except that it wasn’t updated. SO yes, everyone who lived in Fontechairi in 1855. Full family. 60 Euro


      • Okay thanks. Do I send you what I would like to do via email? I also have to check on the person I mentioned below to be sure he was born in Sora. Please see below. thanks

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for that.I don’t have a Basilio in my tree as of yet. I do have a married couple as having been married in Sora. She is Maria Landazzi (Landazza) and a Pasquale Petricca. Can you tell if they are listed? If so, I will go that route. Their marriage was a little later, in 1935 so I don’t know if they are listed.


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