Its been a strange few days

On May 25th the Comune of Firenze called me to say they were mailing the documents I had requested and wanted to advise me who to contact for the rest of the information I had requested. What a nice surprise!   It’s now June 5th and I still haven’t received them BUT there was a national holiday in the middle and two weekends!  Maybe later this week.

I have been making follow up phone calls to the Comune of Roccasecca for a citizenship certificate I ordered March 18th. This is the fourth follow up call.  They say they can’t find the book for 1912 but the inventory of the archives says they have it so where is it….?  They are looking!

I have been waiting since 2nd February for a citizenship certificate from the Comune of Ceprano. 3 follow up phone calls, an email, and they say they don’t have any birth record for this person on the date I provided.  I then sent a fax which included a copy of the baptism record and called 3 days later.  They still say it isn’t there but he had the book on the desk and read me the names from the index. The name I had requested wasn’t included.  I asked him to please check the actual records for April 24th in case it was missed from the index.  Which of course, it was.  Now he has promised to have it ready for pick up next week.  Never reply completely on indexes!

We have been waiting since February 2nd for the Mayor of Casalattico to tell the anagrafe clerk that we have permission to search the civil records.  We have spoken to the Mayor, he told us verbally everything was OK and he would let the clerk know.  We are still waiting.

On the positive side we have been working to get certified copies of records from the Tribunal for a Comune where the originals were destroyed.  Today the archive clerk told me he would send me details of the required payments (marca da bollo) and postage stamps I must send.

Now for the best part.  While returning from Rome on the train last week I learned that residents of Lazio over 70 years of age can travel for free on regional trains and buses.  This has to be one of Lazio’s best kept secrets.  I have told so many people who had no idea of this benefit!





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