DNA Searches

Now that DNA testing is becoming less expensive and more well-known and more and more clients and former clients are coming back to me for searches to make the connections with their DNA matches.  Unfortunately DNA testing is not that popular among Italians yet so if you are searching for Italian relatives this is not the way to go.

Denise had a ‘relative’ who was convinced that their Great Grandmothers were sisters.  They had always considered themselves ‘relations’.  I was able to prove that they were not (at least not as far as the official records were concerned!)  I was able to identify the two families back in 1850 but even then there was no apparent connection.

Another client had ‘found’ a half-brother, both descended from the same father, she thought.  DNA proved otherwise, not only was he not her half-brother, the ‘father’ was not the father of either of them.  Her mother, who is still living, is not talking!  DNA may give you information you (or your mother) would rather not have had!

Searches to prove DNA matches are very challenging.  The paperwork, as shown in the above example, is not always accurate.

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