Search of the week – Ceccano

Mike had always dreamed of visiting the towns of his ancestors and experience the reality of being there.  Not the regular guided tour but a real experience.  He also wanted to meet a living relative.  He got his wish and we also arranged for him to meet a living relative – or so we thought.  The family repeated the names of their children in almost all family lines so we didn’t quite get it right.  Searching in the last 70 years is always a minefield.  We were led astray because another researcher had confirmed the same ancestors in the 1600’s, however we discovered over lunch that he had followed the paternal line of the family who had adopted a foundling.  Technically our guest wasn’t even of the same family!   The ‘family’ member took it all in good spirits and even bought our lunch.

I received this email from Mike today…

  I love your emails.  I think because it is like running into an old friend who knew your ancestors and can tell you stories about them in a way that reads somewhat like a mystery book. You can see glimpses of the everyday lives of these relatives for which I would have otherwise have no other hope in learning about. I would love to have the gift you have which allows you to help folks piece together their history…. Awesome.
Thanks Mike.  It was my pleasure to research your family.  Thank you for the opportunity to ‘tell another story’.

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