Here we grow again!

Please welcome Gian Mariano Cianchetti to our team. He is currently finishing his Master’s degree in archival digitization so is very experienced in archival (parish records) especially in the Papal (Vatican) States.

Since he is well known in the Diocese and to the various parish priests you can expect excellent research results from Gian Mariano.  His Latin skills are excellent and he has a good knowledge of the different types of documents held in the Diocese which can help further your search.

To get him started we are offering 20% off the hourly rate for searches in Fiuggi, Ripi, Fumone, Alatri and Anagni for the next 3 months.

Ask for Gian Mariano’s special rate!


4 Responses to “Here we grow again!”
  1. Richard Martin says:

    I’ve tried twice to reach Ann by email at I’ve not gotten a reply. I thought I’d try a posting here to see if I could contact your or Ann. I’m interested in researching my wife’s families in Viterbo and Abruzzo. I can provide more details and discuss my interests and a quote.
    Richard Martin in New York, USA


  2. Richard Martin says:

    Ann, I saw this just now on 1/19/2019. I searched my emails for yours on or about 1/14 but didn’t find it. I looked in spam and trash folders, too.
    Could you please resend it trying 2 emails?


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