POLSINELLI (Pulsinelli) family of the Province of Frosinone

The Polsinelli family  begins with Giovan Giacomo born in 1540 in Arpino.  He had five sons, all married but only one had descendants that stayed in Arpino.  It was from his son Fabio that all the Polsinelli in Sora, Isola del Liri, and Broccostella etc. descend.  Professor Rocco De Cesare (now deceased) of Arpino created this family tree showing the male lines only for all those who remained in Arpino.   The Professor was kind enough to share this tree with me.  It is typed (on an old olivetti I am sure) on the backs of old calendars and I can’t imagine the work it must have been.  The ink is faded and it is incredicbly time-consuming to search BUT….

if you have Polsinelli ancestors you can trace back to Arpino, I can connect you to the tree and provide you with information to take your family line back to 1540 and Giovan Giacomo.

I have done this for at least three clients and here is what one of them said…

I appreciate you sending me the report and the images.  How amazing to think that I could know who my 10th great grandparents are, through your research and the professor’s.  The Broccostella censuses are particularly informative, linking Vincenzo to Nicola Polsinelli and Rosa Rea, and also Gaetana Polsinelli to Agostino Iafrate.  I have the Brocco microfilms on loan at our local Family History Center and will am excited to further trace this group. 

      Our collaboration over the years has been always been a high point in my genealogical ‘quest’.  You have been very dedicated in providing accurate and complete research,  and have certainly helped to get me over some brick walls.   I particularly happy to meet you in Fontechiari, and I do consider you one of my best genealogy friends.

If you have Polsinelli ancestors contact me for a quote that will take you back centuries.  Note:  This tree has year of birth only, some marriage dates and some death dates.  If you want the supporting parish images there will be an additional charge.


  1. I know that my great-great-grandmother lived in Arpino and her last name was Polsinella. Would she (possibly) be related to the Polsinellis?


    • All the Polsinelli’s from Arpino descend from Giovan Giacomo Polsinelli born in 1540. You are probably related in some way also to several of my clients.


  2. My gran mather was anna polcinelli born in Arpino. she had 3 children .Michel,Plaisance and Raymond my mather.
    I am french I live in Provence.


    • Bon jour, Eyraud! My great-great-grandmother was Margherita Polsinelli from Arpino. She married a Luigi DiCarolis and had my great-grandfather, Filippo DiCarolis in 1884 (born in Arpino). Perhaps we’re distant relatives!


    • Do you know the names of his parents or any other family members? My GGGM is Margherita Polsinelli from Arpino. I only know this, though, because of my GGF’s birth certificate. She was married to Luigi DiCarolis and my GGF, Filippo DiCarolis, was born to them in 1884. I don’t know much else about them.


  3. I found this information very interesting one of my 6 times great Grandmother’s was a Polsinelli, she married my 6 times great Grandfather who was a Rea. All of my paternal line are from Arpino. My Grandfather Marco Rea born April 22nd 1889 to Domenico and Concetta Rea née Lattesa. My Mother’s line comes from Gallinaro and Settefate and my Father’s mother my Grandmother’s family come from Picinissco. I feel Immensely proud of my heritage and all my ancestors who have originated from La Provinca di Frosinone. It’s amazing how far you have managed to go back with your research.

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  4. My name is Luisa Polsinelli, My father born and raised in Frosinone, came to America when he was 20 met and married my mom Elizabeth Polak.


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