Picinisco: Stato d’Anime from 1839 restored

It has taken years to get the permission and get the job done but the Parish Census of San Lorenzo Martire in Picinisco finally has a new cover and restored pages. Thanks go to Stuart Capaldi, Helen Lewis, C M Pirrung, Beth Snider, Cesidio Di Gesse, Peter Aylett, and Susie Volante for their generous donations which have made this restoration possible. The presentation of the restored book was made to Don Edmer by Luisa Alonzi, a local resident and archivist for the Diocese in the presence of my self and Susie Volante, who now lives in Picinisco.


  1. Dear, I write from Trani in Puglia where I am part of the local non-profit cultural association, “Obiettivo Trani. I was asked for a genealogical research by Dr. Mario Ventura who lives in Modugno in the province of Bari and descends from a branch of Picinisco I read that you have restored the volume of the state of the souls of that city of 1839 and that you are living them. You are kindly asked if you have digitized the aforementioned volume and the images are available and also if you or a friend of yours is available to give me help in research based on my directions. Thanks.
    Saverio Cortellino


    • Hello Saverio,
      Yes, with the generous donations of clients we were able to restore the 1839 parish census and the digital images are available to me for searching but not for general publication. We are available to help with research back to 1540 in Picinisco. I will reply to you privately with our rates for this search.


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