New records being catalogued for Cassino (FR) and area

At the State Archives in Frosinone records are currently being catalogued that will hopefully be a major source of information for people looking for ancestors born in the Cassino, Sant’Elia, Cervaro, Terrelle, San Biagio area. These records will be available in the near future for personal research but it is unlikely they will be searched by Archive staff as they are not in any kind of order.
I took a quick look at the list, which is not yet ready for publication as the cataloging is still not complete,and they include Lista di Leva for those males born 1868-1870 in Cassino, Piedimonte, Terrelle and Sant’Elia and includes Stato di famiglia, Passport documents for emigration purposes (limited number of years) even a list of the poor who went by train to Naples for emigration purposes.

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  1. Hello Ann, Let me first say I am very much impressed with the wealth of knowledge you have in the area of genealogy! I have been tracing my family roots back to Italy and believe I have landed on a Vincenzo Aversa, born in 1875… in Ceccano. It appears that there are many Aversa’s who came from this area. Although I am planning to come to Italy, I am curious to what services you might offer which might be available to help me clarify and reach back farther in my family tree. I have done quite a bit of research to get back to 1875, given that there are a couple split families along the way. I have read many of your posts related to tracing lineage in Ceccano and was also looking for any update / advice on the best way to find answers should I be able to get to Ceccano myself. What are the chances that I am even going to be able to understand the documentation that may be available in parish or civil records? Thank you for any assistance!!!


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