Restoration Fund for Picinisco

The Parish Census of San Lorenzo Martire in Picinisco was taken in 1853 and updated with births, marriages etc until the late 1890’s. It is an invaluable resource for tracing your family in Picinisco. Entire family groups complete with paretns names and birthdates can be found in one place.
Today, I was at the church and the book is falling apart. It is in desparate need of rebinding. The parish does not have the 300 euro it would take to restore this valuable resource.
Since I am there regularly I would like to make an offer to all who are researching their Picinisco heritage.
For each donation of 50 euro I will look up (the book is not in any kind of order) your family and send you a copy of the census.
Donations should be made via PAYPAL in Euro as a GIFT (via Family & Friends) to italysearch @ (no spaces). Please mark it DONATION TO PICINSICO.
Your family information can be sent to the same email address and I will do the ‘look up’ and email you your family census.


    • I now live in Picinisco permanently, and said census has still not been restored nearly 2 years after my previous comment. I could give more facts about this subject, but will refrain. Readers can make their own minds up about whether to make any more contributions.


      • Hi Susie,
        If you are frustrated imagine how I feel. The money is safe and I expect to hand it over later this summer. The former priest would do nothing towrds this project but luckily the archivist from Frosinone lives in Picinisco and with her help and that of the new priest, Don Edmer, the project is finally moving ahead. I expect to receive the estimate (400 Euro) very soon.
        If you are now living in Picinisco, why not contact me and we’ll meet for coffee next time I am in Picinisco? I would love to meet you.


  1. I am interested in tracing any member of the pacitti family from valleporcina, my great grandfather domenico pacitti (dob 1876 ) left picinisco with his mother madalina andrussi and his sisters restituta and addolorata. Also his wife rosena maiden name corio, her parents were antonio and madalina maiden name mancini. I believe a Mary corio may have travelled with them. I would love to know the dates of birth (dob) of any of these people, and why and when they left picinisco if this is possible. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards sandra small.


    • Hi Sandra, I can certainly help you with this. Firstly let me say the correct spelling of Domenico’s wife surname is Andreucci. Why and when they left might be a problem to date with certainty. (See my blog post on why they left) I have sent you a private meail with a quote.


  2. I was very interested to read your post Sandra. I am currently seeking to trace my family roots and know for certain that my great grandmother was Addolorata Pacitti, your own great grandfather’s sister. I know a bit about their time in England but I’m struggling to find out Italian history. Would be good to correspond to see whether we might be able to help each other. Hope to hear from you in due course. Kindest Regards, Brian.


    • Hi Brian,
      I am not sure who Sandra is, but I am Ann. I am not Italian although I do Italian research since I live in Italy. If you need some help with finding information about the family while they were still in Italy Picinisco has a great parish census that would show the entire family from those alive in 1853 and their family right down to 1899 which covers most families who emigrated. You can email me at if you would like a search of the census for your family.


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