Family Reunion in Monte San Giovanni

I had been helping Micheal apply for his Italian citizenship and he had taken a job in Spain in anticipation. He wanted to visit Monte San Giovanni and meet the Anagrafe clerk who seemed to impeding the registration of his documents. She was on vacation the day he was to visit but graciously agreed to … Continue reading

Donation of 700 Euro to Restore 3 parish record books in Patrica

Don Pietro was very happy to receive a donation of 700 Euro for the restoration of 3 parish record books. Donations were offered from Kathy Palladini, Enio Montini, Larry Koehler, Barbara Hardesty Wes Oliver, Chris Perry and myself.

Restoration Fund for Picinisco

The Parish Census of San Lorenzo Martire in Picinisco was taken in 1853 and updated with births, marriages etc until the late 1890’s. It is an invaluable resource for tracing your family in Picinisco. Entire family groups complete with paretns names and birthdates can be found in one place. Today, I was at the church … Continue reading