Family Reunion in Monte San Giovanni

I had been helping Micheal apply for his Italian citizenship and he had taken a job in Spain in anticipation. He wanted to visit Monte San Giovanni and meet the Anagrafe clerk who seemed to impeding the registration of his documents.
She was on vacation the day he was to visit but graciously agreed to meet us for coffee in the town square. Michael was surprised to discover that instead of a confrontation he was met with friendliness and even an offer to help him get a job in Italy next year when his contract in Spain was finished. She bought the coffee, and even arranged for us to follow a couple to the ‘frazione’ of Colli where we hoped have lunch and find relatives. We were driven to two restaurants, both of which were closed on Monday’s and were at the point of returning to Monte San Giovanni when we asked the couple if they would point out the road where the Tomassi family lived.
On arrival at the house, we were greeted by a man who listened carefully to our explanation of who Michael was related to giving his Grandfather’s name as the one who had emigrated.
Amazingly he gave us Michael’s Grandmother’s name and the connection was made. Michaels’ Grandfather had been a favourite Uncle. We were ushered indoors and his wife immediately started cooking for us while he telephoned his brother and nephew etc to come over and meet the family from America.
We left all to soon, but with invitations for Michael to visit over the Christmas vacation and Easter while they invited the young Grandson to visit America.
You just never know!.

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  1. My grandfather was born in Monte San Giovanni in 1895 and his name was Antonio Tomassi. He left in 1913 on the Barbarrosa ship to Ellis Island, New York. He was married to Giulia Tomassi (nee Spacca). His parents names were Vincenzo and Maria Tomassi. Is there a connection with the Tomassi family now?

    My husband and I live in Toronto, Canada and are planning a trip to Rome next year. I would love to see my heritage and the roots of the Tomassi family (if it is the same family).

    Thank you


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