Parish record restoration project

During the winter I performed 11 searches in the Parishes of Patrica with the cooperation of the Priest and the Diocese of Frosinone.
During these searches one of the books literally fell apart in my hands. At least two others are in very poor condition.
I am asking for your assistance in restoring up to three of these books.
The price provided by the Diocese is 700 euro.
I must have taken about 350 photos of the records during these searches. Maybe more! And it shows. This valuable resource must be restored if it is to remain accessible to others in the future.
If you feel you can help with this worthwhile project please send your donation to:-
and clearly mark it

For every donation of 50 euro or more I will send the donor a DVD of Patrica. It covers a tour of the town with history, culture etc. and there is an English commentary.
Please feel free to promote this project among others who are interested in preserving historical records. The DVD offer applies to them also.

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