Writing your family history

Genealogy provides the basic roots and
branches. Personal and family stories can enliven those facts. As you begin your search for your family history there will be times when you wish you could ask questions of those who have passed on. So many questions and no answers. As you think about this, think also into the future, of your descendants and the questions they might want to ask. Follow
this link to the Web site of Diane Dassow and Binding Legacies to find
out how personal historians can add foliage to your family tree. 



  1. Entirely true Ann, Gosh I wish that my grandparent and great grandparents could just answer one or two questions….when we are young, we don`t ask much….and seems that the older generation just did not talk much about the “old country”…. could eliminate a lot of brick walls….


  2. There were so many “secrets” my grandparents kept, leaving so much mystery about certain things in our family story. I wish I could speak to my grandmother just one more time to ask her about those things.

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