How to search the LDS microfilms

Using the
date of birth, order the appropriate film and go to the birth records for that
date A translation of the birth certificate can be found on this site. The
birth certificate will give you the names and ages of each parent. From this you should calculate the
approximate age and check the birth records for that year and the year s before
and after if you don’t find it right away.
They had a habit of “rounding out” to the nearest 5 years so don’t be
discouraged. If you don’t find them then
you will have to check the marriage certificate to learn where they were born.
To find
the marriage certificate start at the birth date of the child and work
backwards. They often had indexes so be
sure to check this first to save time.
The marriage certificate will tell you where the persons were born, how
old they were, and give the names of both sets of parents stating “fu” (already
deceased) or “di” (still alive). The
bride and groom had to provide their birth certificates and the death
certificates of parents if deceased. If
the father was deceased at the time of the marriage they had to produce the
grandfathers death certificate also so be sure to check the PROCESSI for these
documents it will save you lots of time.
certificates are not really necessary until you get back to the early part of
1800 when a death certificate of a parent will give you THEIR parents’ names
and where they were born.

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