A reference

From:  Mlpolsinelli@aol.com
Date:  Thu, 27 Jan 2005 08:27:04 -0500
>I can give a very positive reference pertaining to Ann Tatangelo.  I engaged her services to do research for me, as she lives near where my ancestors came from and I live in America.  I was so pleased that Ann was able to go back many generations on ALL of my family lines (sometimes as far back as 9 generations!).  She compiled a very professional report for me and also provided me with copies of some historical documents (i.e. birth, marriage and death records).  I highly recommend her services, as she is very trustworthy (i.e. no danger of paying her and then getting nothing in return). I was able to pick my family history up in person when I visited Sora this past September and I must say on top of the fine work she performed, her and her husband were a pleasure to meet.

From: "Graham Mezzone" <graham.mezzone@btconnect.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 19:02:37 -0000

To give a reference for Ann is the easiest job I have had to do today and as an employer of a large number of staff I do this all the time.I contacted Ann from the Web about 12 months ago and gave her a brief of what I wanted i.e. some background on my family that came from Sora.I have got from Ann more that I ever expected, back about 8 or 9 generations with full history plus a history of Sora which she just gave me without request. She and Enzo have driven to villages close by to follow up close family leads and met some distant relatives we still have in Sora.I hope, in fact will, meet Ann and her family when we visit Sora soon and she has agreed to show us round and act as guide. One thing I have deduced is that she likes her work, helping people, and her commitment is total. What is for sure is that she is very good at it and in my personal view, as an English speaking resident in Sora she works far to cheaply for the results she achieves.Good luck in your searching

Graham Mezzone

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