Historical Documents

The Registro del Popolazione is a census taken about 1861 when Italy was unified.  It recorded the names of all persons living in the houshold, birthdate, name of father, place of birth, occupation, and address.  For the next 40 years of so this book was updated with deaths, births, marriages and chnages in civil status.  It does not exist in all places, but where it does it is a valuable source of information of the family and its members.  It exists in Sora, Atina, Arce, Fontechiari to name a few.  It can save hours of searching in the microfilms. 
Many towns still have the old Lista di Leva for the early years that can provide birthdates (for the males at least) for those born before 1809.
Sora even has the Census of Animals and chestnut trees from 1808. 

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