Picinisco video

For all my followers with ancestors from Picinisco here is a Youtube link to a beautiful video of the town.


I think Bob would agree that our two days together was worth every penny he spent to have me set up appointments, and the itinerary for his wish list. Bob, had completed most of his family history research using the microfilms from Family Search and I had filled in the gaps.  Now he was coming … Continue reading


You’re going to spend a lot of money to come to Italy to see the town of origin of your family, the church where they were baptized and married, the cemetery where they were buried, where they lived. You even hope to do some research in the parish records while you are here. Problem is … Continue reading


You have exhausted the microfilmed civil records and are ready to move further backwards in time by using parish records. You have bought your ticket to Italy and are ready to tackle the local priest. You can find the address of the parish church at http://www.chiesacattolica.it. (Or  http://www.parrocchiemap.it/ see comment below. ) Write to the … Continue reading

Preparing for a visit to the town of origin

Seems simple, book a flight, take a bus or train, walk around the town, talk to people and find relatives. Sometimes it actually works! Mostly it doesn’t, at least not all of it. I hear from people who did it successfully and those who were so disappointed to find the town offices closed, the church … Continue reading

Buying Italian Property- De Tullio Law Firm

Whether you are looking to buy a little place for your summer holidays or make a permanent move to Italy the property buying process can be complicated and a little daunting.  There are three key stages to the Italian property buying process: Proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto (Reservation offer) Contratto preliminare di vendita (Preliminary contract) Atto di vendita … Continue reading

Faccenda/Arcari in San Gennaro, Picinisco

Delfina is a decendant of a lawyer from 1827 whose daughter married into the nobility of Alfadena.  She wanted to learn more about her Picinisco roots.  Our day started at 8:45am with coffee in the town square in Picinisco and moved to the town ‘anagrafe’ office where we were allowed to make copies of the … Continue reading

Finding Living Relatives

It seems a natural thing to do. After all one of your ancestors left Italy and almost certainly left behind brothers, sisters, cousins etc. Finding a cousin or two would certainly finish off your family tree project in a positive way. Hmmmm. Let’s think this through. It was probably your Great Grandfather who left Italy. … Continue reading

Family Reunion in Monte San Giovanni

I had been helping Micheal apply for his Italian citizenship and he had taken a job in Spain in anticipation. He wanted to visit Monte San Giovanni and meet the Anagrafe clerk who seemed to impeding the registration of his documents. She was on vacation the day he was to visit but graciously agreed to … Continue reading

Patrica Homecoming!

It was Bobby’s 70th birthday gift from his daughter. Although he had visited Italy before he had never made the trip to his ‘home’ town of Patrica. His daughter hired me to take him and his friends there for a tour of the town……and more. I arrived to meet Bobby and his 3 friends at … Continue reading