An interesting document from 1811


On 13 December 1811 in a town named Schiavi (now known as Fontechiari) a list was created of all male inhabitants of the town over the age of 15 years in 1811, including vagabonds, temporary residents or travelers.  This is a comprehensive list which includes the person’s title, name and surname, date of birth and profession. There are also ‘observations’ such as ‘born in Sora’.

Unfortunately , except for one or two persons it does not give the father’s name.

There are 426 names on the list of which 8 have no birth date listed.  These persons are noted as having been born in other towns.

The range of professions is interesting and consists of:-

  • Proprietors 25
  • Priests 10
  • Students 11
  • Doctors                 3
  • Lawyers 2
  • Carpenters 2
  • Blacksmiths 2
  • Wool spinners 2
  • Tailor 1
  • Speziola? 1
  • Acolyte 1
  • Shearer 1
  • Servant 1
  • Absent 2
  • There are several whose professions I could not decipher
  • The rest are all farmers or contadini.

The oldest person on the list was Domenico di Carlo born 10 May  1728  and the youngest was Orazio di Zeppi born 26 December 1796.

This list was no doubt created for military purposes to determine how many persons could be drafted into Napoleon’s army.  The lista di leva was a list created of young men who had reached the age for conscription. This is the only town where I have seen this type of list which includes every male living in the town with no regard for their age or physical condition.




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