PICINISCO, VAL DI COMINO 1017 -2017. An important anniversary for the town and all our neighbours.

In 2017, Picinisco, one of the towns which lie in Val di Comino, will celebrate its first Millennium. While undoubtedly older, the first mention of Picinisco is to be found in a document dated 6 March 1017, when the Princes of Capua restored to the Abbey of Montecassino the Monastery of S. Valentino to be found in the “Contea” di Comino in the area called Picinisco.

Val di Comino itself is, to coin a phrase, a Borgo Diffuso a town dispersed around the Valley in around a dozen districts each with a slightly different character and history. This celebration marks an important anniversary not only for Picinisco but also for the whole of Val di Comino.

A group of Scottish Italians, have proposed to the Comune of Picinisco that they help to raise funds to celebrate the Millennium of our ancestral village in conjunction with the efforts being made in Picinisco.  If you ae descended from a family from Picinisco maybe you’d like to help by donating to the various projects which include:-

Uploading your videos during 2017 for a film to be created for publication during 2018. This will be a record of the Millennium and the life of the village available to future generations.

A photographic exhibition is proposed with prizes in 3 categories: Il Tramonto, L’Alba, People and Culture. The prizes are €500, €1000 will be donated to a charity selected by the overall winner.

SignMunicipio with castle towerposting the path to the Santuario of the Madonna di Canneto through Picinisco. This has been a camino of faith for probably 1500.

Adding a stained glass window to the church of S. Rocco in Piazza Capocci.  Its current structure dates from the 1700’s.

Reprinting a book by Eugenio D’Agostino who left Picinisco in poverty with his father and a few other boys and walked to Edinburgh. He narrates his journey in this book.

If you feel these projects are worthwhile please go to  www.picinisco1000.org  to make a small contribution through Justgiving (the link is on the website).


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