POFI (Frosinone) Parish records

PofiThe parish records for all parishes in Pofi have been transferred to the Diocese Archives in Veroli. These archives are open all day on Fridays only (except August) and while the archivist can help with suggestions, please remember she is not a family history researcher.  If you need help with your Pofi search please email directly.


  1. Ann, we (living in Pennsylvania, USA) are going to be in Pontecorvo, Italy in late September for 4 days. We are searching for assistance with finding my husband’s great grandfather. How can we connect with you so that we may discuss the matter? We would be so appreciative of any help you could offer. Thank you so very much ! Grazie !!


  2. Hello Ann, congrats for all the great work you seem to be doing in the genealogy research – as you remember I had started something in parallel and have created quite a few trees for many families from Pofi, as I know personally the majority of Pofani in Italy and abroad.

    Well, now I am learning from what you are posting in here that the registers from all Parishes from Pofi have been transferred to Veroli!!
    Why, and who decided this?

    Anyway, keep in Touch and come see us at the Agripofi/Vivapofi restaurant when you have a chance – Pizza and Dance with live music every Saturday Nights.


    • Hi Tony,
      The Diocese decided to archive the Pofi records in order to preserve them. In fact, the oldest baptism book has disappeared since I first searched there.
      You never know, one of these Saturday’s I just might show up at the restaurant.


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