A ‘thank you’ note that made my day!

The work you did, and the results you came up with were amazing! We were unable to break through the “Brick Wall”, and now we know why. I never considered that he was a Foundling. How sad, but as you explained, pretty common in those days.
You also pointed us down the road of his wife, Elizabetta’s family. Amazing.
We shared it with my mother, Eleanor, who was completely overwhelmed and thankful to learn things about her family that she never knew.
Ann, thank you for everything that you’ve done for us. It gives all of us a nice warm feeling knowing more about our family history, and the people without whom…..

It sounds like you get more than just professional satisfaction from your work, you get some personal and emotional satisfaction as well.

That’s really heart-warming, (and a sign that you really enjoy the work you do helping others).

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