Vallegrande, Villa Latina, Picinisco

These small towns are so close to each other that even their histories are blended. Villa Latina was part of Atina prior to 1833. Vallegrande is considered part of Villa Latina but in the Catasto Onciaro of 1749 Vallegrande is included in the Catasto of Picinisco. Prior to 1722 many Vallegrande residents baptized their children in Picinisco, after that year the Bishop forbade this practise ordering the residents of Vallegrande to baptise their children in the parish church of Villa Latina. For family history researchers of Vallegrande this means they can now take their family tree back to the 1500’s by utilising the parish records of Picinisco. Parish records in Villa Latina did not begin until 1753 so this is an important resource.


  1. Hello I am trying to locate birth info on my Grandfather whose name is Sabato D’Agostino who was born Nov 21 1891 in Villa Latina….I’m thinking maybe the Parish would have info. I am looking to be guided in the right direction Thank you Laurie


    • The town would have civil records which are much more informative. The parish records are in great condition and contain 3 ‘State of the Souls’ parish census’.


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