An emotional reunion

She arrived alone from the USA with the hope of meeting living relatives.  Her Grandfather emigrated from Sora in 1922 and she knew that most, if not all of his siblings also left Italy.

I had done the preliminary search and knew the location of the house where her family had lived in 1865 and that it was still owned by the same family.

The family still living in the house were descendants of her Great Grandfathers brother, relatives but distant, still they welcomed her with open arms and gave lots of information on other family members who had also emigrated to USA.

But the best part was learning that one of her Grandfather’s brothers had stayed in Sora these people were actually her father’s 2nd cousins. Even more tears flowed when she realized that they remembered her Grandfather with affection.  Despite the fact that they spoke no English, I was unable to stay,  and she had only an Italian phrase book,  she accepted an invitation to dinner that evening and lunch the next day.  She departed the following day with promises to return and inviting them to visit her in USA.


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