Villa Latina & Vallegrande

There is a new priest in the Parish of SS Annunziata in Villa Latina.  The Parish records are in great condition and there are 3 Parish census books. 1753, 1795 and 1832.  The 1832 census was updated until the early 1900’s and includes names of UK born children that were registered by their parents as part of this parish.

Villa Latina was known as Agnone di Atina prior to 1833.  Civil records between 1809  and 1832 are under Atina.

Vallegrande was part of the SS Annunziata parish but there was a lot of intermarriage with residents of San Giuseppe which came under the parish (and town) of Piscinco.


  1. Dear Mrs. Tatangelo,

    Could you please tell me how I can access those Villa Latina files? As you know, I do not have any clue where my g.grandparents came from and, hence, I search every file from begining to end.

    Thanks in advance.

    Brasil Areco


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