Foundlings, abandoned babies and adopted children

Birth records for foundlings or  abandoned babies  can be requested from the town where the birth was registered.  When a couple were not married civilly the birth was registered on one of 3 ways.   This applies even if they were married in the Church but did not register the marriage at City Hall. Showing the … Continue reading

Old family papers

I asked my father in law many times while he was alive if he had any old family papers.  He did find one box which contained a receipt book for payment of land rent for 20 years from 1862 to 1882. After his death we were cleaning out an old cupboard which he kept locked … Continue reading

Villa Latina & Vallegrande

There is a new priest in the Parish of SS Annunziata in Villa Latina.  The Parish records are in great condition and there are 3 Parish census books. 1753, 1795 and 1832.  The 1832 census was updated until the early 1900’s and includes names of UK born children that were registered by their parents as … Continue reading