Capella della Madonna di Loreto in Picinisco

Paulette had asked me to research her family from Immoglie, a small ‘frazione’ of Picinisco.  She hoped to connect her family with that of her friend Anita also originally of Immoglie.  Anita had been told that the family home no longer existed but the small chapel built by her Grandfather to celebrate the birth of his Grandson was still standing, but was practically a ruin.  It was her dream to one day to restore it to its original condition. 
Then Alan asked me to research his house.  A 400 year old building he had just purchased in Immoglie and was in the process of restoring to create two apartments, one of which he planned to rent.  I don’t research houses but the coincidence was too great and since all three were resident in Wales I put Alan in touch with Paulette and Anita.
After a frantic exchange of photographs from the 1930’s it was established that Alan’s house was indeed the family home of Anita’s ancestors and almost certainly built by them as Alan had found a corner stone bearing the initials M.A. 1604. 
The local community was so taken by this story they pulled together and raised the money to restore the chapel.  The local priest arranged for a statue of the Madonna di Caneto to be installed in the newly restored chapel and the dedication was arranged to occur on the 100th anniversay of the original dedication of the chapel.  About 120 locals and a group of Picinisco descendants from Wales arrived for the procession and dedication of the chapel.  After the mass and some words from the deputy Mayor the entire group celebrated with a feast of pasta, pizza, sandwiches, wine, beer and pastries. All accompanied by a display of fireworks that traditionally accompany a religious celebration. 

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