1770 Parish Census of San Donato

The 1770 Stato delle Anime for San Donato is now available for consultation.


  1. I\’m new to this blog and was wondering how I obtain information from this census for the Anthony DiBona family, c.1880, traced to San Donato val di Comino.


  2. San Donato did a parish census every 20 years that lists all the members of the family and their birthdates. Unfortunately there is no index and about 5000 families. I can search for your family and provide a copy of the entry for a small fee. Please email me privately at italysearch @ gmail.com (no spaces) for a quote.


  3. hello im trying to research my family roots, my name is amelia rufo and my grandfather was juan rufo my grandmother amelia conde, i have been told all rufos seem to orginate from st donato a friend of a friend from facebook has told me that they have contacted you regarding research into the family of rufos therefore was wondering how i find out who my grandfathers parents names were to see if i have family there, look forward to hearing from you thankyou xxxx


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