Coincidences or Fate?

A Welsh client was traveling regularly to Piscinisco to gaze longingly on the former home of her ancestors, wondering who  the new owner was and hoping one day to meet him and show him some old photos of when her Grandparents lived there.  She also hoped to have the opportunity to rent the place and spend a night under the same roof that saw the birth of many of her ancestors.  One day I was contacted by another Welshman who wanted me to research his HOUSE.  He had no Italian ancestry but had fallen in love with Piscinisco and bought a property there.  I put the two together (with their mutual consent) and it turns out that the new client has a place to rent, and while it is not the ancestral home of my other client it is right next door.  One day, she is sure to meet the family who owns the ancestral home, and hopes to at least see inside!  One never knows!

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