Province of Bari

Joe has just joined our team to handle searches in the Province of Bari.  He now lives in Castellana Grotte, returning to his home town after 25 years in Canada.  Civil or parish record searches in the Province will be his specialty.

1814 Civil Census of Arpino

In 1815 a civil census of Arpino was taken.  Each citizen is listed with relationship to Head of Household, name and age.  There are also lists of the various professions, tobacconists, ironworkers etc.  This record can take your family research back another generation.

1859 Parish Census for Broccostella

1859 Parish Census for Broccostella is available for consultation.  The family groups were updated for several years.

1795 Parish census of Santopadre

The Stato delle Anime or Parish census  for 1795 is now available for consultation without incurring travel costs to Santopadre.  If you have searched the LDS films and want to take your research back another generation please contact me.

Coincidences or Fate?

A Welsh client was traveling regularly to Piscinisco to gaze longingly on the former home of her ancestors, wondering who  the new owner was and hoping one day to meet him and show him some old photos of when her Grandparents lived there.  She also hoped to have the opportunity to rent the place and … Continue reading